What Makes Us Different

What Makes us different?

We do “Life Changing Dentistry” from helping people to overcome dental anxiety to restoring confidence to their smiles. We believe in simplifying the complexities of dentistry by embracing old proven methodology and new technology. With more than 13 years of clinical dental experience, Dr. Young Lee believes that dentistry should become easier every year as technology keeps improving. For example it’s easier now for everyone to capture and edit professional quality-like video than it was during the VHS era. This goes the same for dentistry since the advent of “Digital Dentistry”.

What is Digital Dentistry?

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Ever since we have embraced “Digital Dentistry”, we were able to provide extreme precision in a fraction of a time for majority of dental procedures. Our practice pushes the envelope of digital dentistry by doing in-house digital designs and 3D printing that results in faster turnaround and offering more variety of procedures at a lower cost. A prime is example is the Clear Aligner Invisible Braces aka. Invisalign. Our in-house design and 3D printing allows us to offer it all patients at a fraction of the cost of typical clear aligner braces (Invisalign, Clear Correct) (Nenad, Can I mention the competitors’ names like this?)

We don’t believe that using leading-edge tech to provide a better crown, veneer, etc. should result in higher costs to the patients. Instead, it should lead to efficiency and simplicity to both patients and doctor.